Pick a number to see what message your Angels have for you right now!


Colour - Pink

Tarot Cards - 5 of CUPS, 3 of SWORDS, the MAGICIAN

What is gone or lost will be replaced, in fact it already has been replaced, you are not in the right mind frame to perceive it. The Angels are sending you healing light in pink to heal your heart chakra from pain associated with loss, grief, emptiness and lack and want to encourage you to alchemise these emotions and transform your vibration.


Colour - Green

Tarot Cards - 5 of SWORDS, king of WANDS, the FOOL

Your guardian angels, spirit team are around you right now and are offering you guidance to what you are going through right now. Whenever you catch angel numbers especially 444, pay attention to what you were thinking in that moment as that is where the clues are as to what the universe is offering you in regards to solutions or actions to take have the confidence to trust the guidance you receive and work with your spirit team at every moment of your day.


Colour - Brown

Tarot Cards - DEATH, the WORLD, the TOWER

You my dear are an earth angel and are awakening to your power and purpose here on earth. You are meant to be working with the elemental kingdom to bring harmony back into earth and anchor in the 5d vibration on this dense 3d planet and your angels want to let you know that you are doing a good job doing so, by simply maintaining your high vibration. 

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