Channeled Message - The Daily Mundane - The Senses

Channeled Message - The Daily Mundane - The Senses

Significator - The Fool
Taste - King of Pentacles RX
Hearing - 2 of Cups RX
Sight - 7 of Pentacles
Smell - 8 of Pentacles
Touch - The Hermit RX

For this weeks energy check in I decided to look at the 5 senses and how to put them into a spread like a creative writing exercise. The 5 senses are Taste, sharing, signs, smell and touch and corresponding tarot cards that I pulled for these left me pondering how much am I really aware of my senses. Taking note of your senses are a good way to pull you back into reality, the present moment and the difficulty I found is with actually realising that I do need to be more present in the moment.

The Daily Mundane - This week, let’s embrace the mundane moments of reality and let go of the go go go of getting, seeking and doing. Let's get comfortable with starting with the mundane and leading with it. It’s a good time to make strategic plans towards your goals its safe to make mistakes as we learn through trial and error before things get stable. Be patient with yourself and persevere as you are reaching spiritual realisations and these come through hardship friction and conflict. Erroneous behaviour is welcome for review reflection and elevation.

Matters of the Heart - You may feel disempowered to say that you cannot do it all alone, there is a need to let someone in and you can trust this.

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