Don’t Fight The Feelings!

Don’t Fight The Feelings!

Pick a card that you are drawn to and the message is meant for you to see right now!


Crystal - Blue Calcite

Oracle card - Cut the cord

Communication, conflict, misunderstanding: Crossed wires can be uncrossed, there is someone who is owed and apology and that person is you! You were right all along, so let go of beating yourself up about something that happened a disagreement or falling out that may be haunting you will reach a favourable settlement. 



Crystal - Rainbow Flourite

Oracle Card - Listen Close

Feelings, nothing more than feelings, journal how you feel to yourself, how you feel is the most important thing right now. There is a lot of fear energy around you, it may not be yours but you are holding space for it, integration and bearing witness to allow it to flow downwards the earth. Warmth, joy and gratitude will rapidly replace the fear energy.



Crystal Black Tourmulaine

Oracle Card - Deep delicious rest

Emotional stability, strength, clarity: You are working towards having a stable mindset and a supportive environment is imperative to that, its time to cull the things in your living environment that are keeping the stagnant energy around. Old magazines that you can throw away? Past clothing that no longer fits you taking up space in your wardrobe? Release them from your life with love.



Crystal - Green Flourite

Oracle Card - Who Benefits

Introspection, behaviour and repeat patters: You will be feeling drawn to understand yourself on a deeper level, deeper than what you think you are, the unconscious and super consciousness patterns and programs that have been running the show, some things in your life may have felt fixed and permanent now has you realising its temporary and you can change as and when you want to.

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