Significator - Devil RX

Earth - Ace of P RX

Air - 10 of W

Fire - Justice RX

Water - Queen of C

Outcome/ Advice - Two of C

We are living in the devils pay ground and life around us, or so we are told is pretty crap, we are at the last push of the birthing process so the pain intensifies and everything around is trembling in terror. Can you let go feeling disillusioned and see through the illusion, what you are being fed are lies so that you stay in the darkness and turn away from the light.

The false light is chattering away doing everything possible to keep souls but its too late they know it but they are hoping you don’t realise that you are no longer enslaved and see it/ them as your master which has kept you compliant and will-less.

Past lives are going to be a focus of curiosity, perhaps you start to ponder who are you really some one awesome you hope, so you may delve into past civilisations ones that have always peaked your interest but you were to busy to look into follow this rabbit hole will lead to some surprising revelations.

Bringing it back to now, the current world and things that are going on, your persona becomes more apparent to you, and you release how and where you have based your self worth on others likeness of you, validation of your body, smile or feet. This socio economic pressure to perfume your humanity is hurting you and you realise and release tension of demanding validation of those you fear can take away your star quality.

A slow and deliberate change, the wheels are turning towards your desired direction, which may look like chaos, depression sadness and fear karmic entanglement reaches takes centre stage to be observed

Leading to finding balance or equilibrium during an unstable point in life, juggling priorities and having to shift your focus and attention to each pressing area   

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