Pick an Oracle card and the message is for you to see right now, this message is timeless!

Card One


Loneliness, going at it alone or feeling overwhelmed because you believe that you don’t have anyone to turn to for help, there is a big overwhelming feeling of defeat as things may not be going the way you had planned and by sticking to the plan is where you felt that you were in control or in charge. Take a look at your need for control, how is it really serving you, do you feel happy or stressed, burdened with responsibility so you end up checking out. Lean into the feelings of burdened and overwhelmed there is some truths to confront.

Card Two

Treasure Island

Slow and steady wins the race, but why you may ask, but the rush God responds back. Time as you have come to worship does not exist it is a social construct that was collectively agreed upon, everything happens in the ever present now, on the perfect divine timing of God so you are not running out of time, missing out or have a limited time. There is a call to dig deeper into your sub conscience mind and document your discovery. What lies there, golden keys for you to collect and they all open up treasure chests filled to the brim with gold. Don't Worry!


Card Three

A Leg Up

There is help all around you, in fact you are surrounded by your benevolent guides, star family who have been with you, your whole life time and many lifetimes in fact. They have been the not so silent force guiding your steps, do you wonder why you always land on your feet, well its the whispers and intuitive nudges from them that put you in the right place at the right time. They are not strangers and you know this, they are not to be worshipped and you feel this, they are your spiritual support team, just because you are not able to see them quite yet, does not mean that they are not to be trusted, talk out loud to them and listen for the response. You are not alone! 

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