Lunar Eclipse Tarot Reading

Lunar Eclipse Tarot Reading


Significator - The Emperor, Block - 7 of Swords, Past - The Lovers rx, Influence - Page of Cups, Aspiration - King of Wands, Future - The chariot, You - Strength, Environment - 2 of Cups, Advice - 2 of Wands rx, Outcome - King of Cups



If you watch a time lapse of a sun dial you will see how the shadow follows and changes which highlights the passages of time that is what this energy is like, always changing, you catch something it has already changed formed into something else, all we can do is watch and learn how the universe works, we are not in control not now and not ever. It is nice to have everything in a pretty box wrapped up in a bow but no, if you are like me which likes control and order and cannot handle volatility and surprises then you too will be troubled trying to pin down this energy to ‘predict’. A big hearty roar from Jupiter, I watch and ask what shall I do then, I am confused, he looks down at me in a loving way a giant looks down at a teddy bear and says join me!

We have had very strong weather with hail rains, thunder and lightening and flash flooding, Mother Earth and the sky gods are working together at last, we are stopped in our tracks and reminded of our humanity and divinity this is the only way we change courses and go with the highlighted timelines, if a day calls for something crazy do it, like call in sick from work and do something ‘irresponsible’ to shake you awake a little, but since you won’t do that, we cause the heavy rainstorms to slow you down and reset the course while you take shelter.


Build a warm centre that draws in those looking for shelter from the storm, build community outside of capitalism and transactions the focus of this full moon in inside, the home, sitting around a roasting fire place, ignore the fuss going on outside and build out a nest

They are waiting for you to get out the way, taking the ‘people’ down into the shelter and once you have gotten out the way then the change will take place.   

Stay warm and inside your home, the wether will be extreme for a bit to make people stay indoors more, lay low , there is no point guessing what the outcome will be as you will never really know, take the leap and commit to the week

Whilst emotions will be running high the ugliness, cleansing and detoxing is necessary and if you allow this to happen the other side is waiting for you to claim it


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