New Moon in Libra

New Moon in Libra

Happy new moon in libra, what is this season offering, supporting and blessing us with?

Here is your collective energy reading, take what resonates and leave the rest, most of all enjoy this newsletter.


The significator - The Devil

Upper right - Earth - Judgement

Lower right - Air, Justice

Lower left - Fire, 7 of Cups,

Upper left - Water - Five of Swords

Top centre - The Tower RX

….And all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put humpy together again.

Maybe, just perhaps, you are not meant to be put back, maybe you are meant to lead with what was left intact, we are not meant to reinvent the wheel, we are meant to dismantle it. The Devil card is showing us individually where our mental health is compromised. Do you think you need to suffer to be rewarded, will I appreciate the gifts more if I put in the ‘hard work” Is my ego attached to the problem and not the solution.  Libra season will help us highlight insecurities and unrecognised shadow aspects of ourselves that will be projected onto others to mirror back behaviour that has been rejected, pay attention to what you are triggered by in others. This is to allow for the deepest spiritual transmutation and all the benevolence in the universe is supporting this. 

There is so much to learn and be empowered from shadow/bad aspects of ourselves we are being supported by the light of conscious awareness to help purge what inside seeks to tone down the glow of our radiance.

It may appear that a brand new phase of life is delayed, but this is leading you to address something that is inauthentic about the way you have bee living which will trigger the beginning of a deep spiritual initiation process aiding clarity of vision of your life now.

When the pain of resisting enlightenment becomes too unbearable, the fire of hell is simply the light of God as experienced by those who reject it, this is not my own quote but one which sums up this era of your life perfectly.

Channel your creative urges, allow it to be expressed and revealed to you, what is the truth, its nearly time to act 

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