Choose a Ganesh that makes you happy to reveal the message meant for you to see right now!

Into the false self is where the obstacle is, in order to proceed you would need to take an introspective look at the story that you have told yourself in relation to who you are and allow the story to vanish! The various versions of the story are strings that have you suspended but you can break through and connect with the truth. 


King of Swords, Hanged Man, 10 of Wands

Embrace the challenged that are infant of you to concur your mental blocks and limited beliefs what is presented to you in your current circumstances are bricks that you are meant to smash down instead of run away from. All you need to do is see your situation form a different perspective no matter how uncomfortable and difficult it may feel to release and walk away from it.


Stop in the name if love before you jump off the cliff of crazy conclusion, you are needing an answer now and feel that no news means nothing is coming so you are about to turn around or throw everything away that you have worked on. Take this hammer and break everything that you want to break and destroy rage and roar free yourself of this I am laughing because this expelled of stress and worry energy is transforming you, right now you have done it broke through block.


Queen of Pentacles, The Fool, Princess of Pentacles

If you are on the verge of giving up, look back and see why you started and what you wanted to achieve, what are your goals your needs your desires your dreams, practice more self love, talking nice to yourself talk to yourself nice!


Who do you think is mighty the elephant or the mouse, you would say me because of my size but the truth is I need the mouse to be able to let me know what’s going on from their vantage while I sit still, there are many guides, animal totems or benevolent guidance that is waiting to provide you with solutions for what you are going through, there is a need to sit still in order to be receptive to the information and guidance that is going to change the direction of you life.


3 of Wands, Princess of Cups, Queen of Cups

The work, is done and now is time for you to accept love and healing, compassion is here for you, empathy and patience for yourself instead of others, free yourself from expectations and trying hard to change yourself and allow yourself to receive healing .

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