The Bodies!

The Bodies!

Choose between, mental, spiritual, emotional and physical bodies for the message you need to see right now.

This message is timeless!


Crystal, Green Adventurine

A pattern of belief is something that you have told yourself over and over again therefore establishing a relationship and conformation bias with it under the guise of personality. Green Adventurine is aiding you in releasing this because the next stage of your life requires a completely different version of yourself that these old thoughts are blocking you from perceiving. So you actually are loosing your mind, your old mind. Don’t fret allow the process to take place. 


Crystal, Pyrite

Your passion for life is stifled or on low volume because you are living in survival mode, holding yourself back, to starve your ambition, keeping you hungry and humble. But all it does is make you manifest through fear and scarcity believing it is excitement and love. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to live in fear but it was a gradual process that got you here, the good thing is that everything can change in an instant, Pyrite is aiding you in purifying and transmuting the fear into love and encouraging you to follow and live in your heart.



Crystal, Obsidian

Emotional healing by promoting strong energetic boundaries between what is your emotions to what you are picking up from the world around you and internalising it as yours. Black Obsidian is an absorber of psychic energy and releases it to Mother Earth, your emotional body is overloaded with tired emotions that you have not let go of. Set intentions to start daily emotional hygiene to release everything form your auric field and leave your field crystal clear.



Crystal, Blue calcite

Your physic antennas speak to you through your physical body, your body is alive and has an agenda of its own and a literal mind of its own, are you aware of this, your stomach being the brain of your body and is constantly chatting to you every day, comes through as intuition or hunches or inner guidance. The thing is its in the timeless now, so it does not make linear sense to your mind and logic so you may disregard or be confused. Blue calcite is aiding in your ability to communicate with your body in a knowsis and feeling way. By pass the mind to get to the truth, the mind is not the total sum of you and the body has more important truths for your overall wellbeing.   

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