See what message Venus has for you, to support your retrograde.

Pile 1 - Current Energy

Your Beliefs - Queen of Swords

Your thoughts - King of Wands, 2 of Wands, The Star

Your Behaviour - 9 of Cups RX, 4 of Pentacles

Here you are putting your heart away denying desires that you believe is bad for you, can you just relax and enjoy love for what it is and not what you think it should be. Delusions of grandeur and hopes that this fantasy person will build you up, complete you, or establish your self esteem or worth, just hoping that this BIG counterpart will be worth the wait, the sacrifices that you have done the Prince Charming to sweep you off your feet. Oh how the fairytale feels too good to be true, and once you taste the sweet nectar you will savour it for ever. Keeping your desires locked in a treasure chest with a diamond key that someone somewhere has, is really you denying your chance to be happy now and experience love now, it has you holding off of opportunities blocking the gifts in front of you.

What the retrograde will give you

10 of Wands, Ace of Swords, 6 of Wands.

The passion blocker will end, it will consume you, your desires and then you will feel like why not me, why not indulge, why to have, you will feel better and have more confidence and happiness as you give yourself what you need and you will.

Pile 2 - Current Energy

Your beliefs - Queen of Wands

Your thoughts - Since of Swords, Ace of Cups, King of Pentacles

Your Behaviour - The World, Princess of Swords RX

You know that you are meant for more and are capable of being so much more than you are currently allowing for yourself. I can see that your energy and power especially creatively and sexually is enormous and beyond these 4 dimensions that we live in, your womb is a portal and your sexual energy is potent, it has overwhelmed you and you have shrunk it out of fear of persecution possibly from past life memories but this time is different you have trained before and your life mission is tied into you embodying your power. Its time for you to step into your feminine energy and allow it to guide you, you have so much prosperity awaiting you, there are flowers waiting to bloom and flourish the grouch is fertile you are in the process of manifestation and don’t walk away right now. Get rid of the old and allow God to open the doors to the new.

What will the retrograde give you.

The Magician, The Emperor, 2 of Cups

New ideas and old dreams coming together to be manifested into your reality, you have shifted your perspective of yourself and will be feeling confident and aligned to follow your heart you can feel it coming? 

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