Virgo Season: Practical every day magic

Virgo Season: Practical every day magic

The season of change is actually really upon us this time, if you are reading this you are ready and you know what for!

This virgo season I am challenging myself to create and stick to a spiritual practice that I do every day, to strengthen my spiritual hygiene and health. This is me getting use to seeing this life as a gift, thee gift that I have been desperately seeking all my life.

I want to trick myself this way to help me see my world as magic and I the magician. 

I believe by changing my view of my world I will start to care about my life in a way that I become my own inspiration.


For as long as I remember I have delighted in flights of fancy and delusions, the illusionist and I am working really hard to break this spell of escapism so that I can fully live and embrace myself and my life.

I am inspired to work with the every day energy of virgo to create my heaven on earth and love my life.

I have created affirmations that I am including in my daily journal that I write in twice a day to help me practice gratitude and build that energy of thanks to be in daily.

A great trick is to write one or a few of the affirmations on a piece of paper and leave it under a glass of water over night to charge your water with the affirmation that you drink the next day through out your day, taking it in. 


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