What is your background and why did you start your own Jewellery label

I lived in different places in the UK. Born in Stoke-On-Trent, lived in Birmingham, Coventry and Liverpool. Now I’m based in London. I have Jamaican parents. I started my jewellery company because I want to wear jewellery that I liked and that I can wear at all occasions-in the day, nights and special events.  I was realising I was wearing jewellery from the high street which everyone was wearing. I wanted to wear jewellery and customise my appearance with unique accessories.

Where do you live and how has this inspired your work?

I live in Hackney and have my studio in Hackney. I feel like a creative you just absorb your environment. I look constantly at what jewellery women wear and look of what I could do differently. I live near Dalston and it is quite trendy, I see lots of colours and vibrancy. So, I try to incorporate this into my own designs.

What do you love about what you do?

I love what I do. I love to make bespoke jewellery for people. I love the client journey, for the conception of the jewellery design to actual reality.

 What is your process for creating?

Depends. If I’m creating bespoke jewellery for a client. I listen to the client of what they want and their inspirations, I sketch out some jewellery designs, create technical and rendering drawings- so they get an ideal of how the jewellery would look like in real life. If a client wants more a tactile approach to jewellery creation process, I would create a jewellery model in silver (e.g. an engagement ring).

For my own jewellery collections, I collect pictures from magazines, look for inspiration on Pinterest and go on Google images. Then I create mood boards on different themes. I will also make sketches in my jewellery journals and then move on to metal and look for gemstones. I wear my prototypes and for days and see how it feels on me and decides if I need to make some adjustments.

Who are you inspired by and why?

In the jewellery field, I get inspired, by British jewellery designers Alex Monroe and Dinny Hall. I love the simplicity of their designs. But in life and business, I’m inspired by Oprah, Gary Vaynerchuk Solange, Shonda Rhimes. They are amazing in their fields.

Describe any challenges to running your own business and how did you overcome it.

Being creative and handling the business side as a one-woman-army is tough. I have to come to realise that I can’t do every task needed in the company to make the jewellery company grow and starting to hire some people.

Describe the importance to you of confidence/ self-belief in regards to what you do?

It’s 100% important because running a business, you realise who your real friends are. Also, to stay away from people who are negative and put in doubts in your head. I had people say to me not to be a fine jeweller and I couldn’t do it. But if you are determined and are in a positive environment, you can do anything!

What motivates you to do what you do?

I want a better life for my family and to add beauty to the world for a long time. Jewellery survives forever.

What are your personal Mantras?

  • Practice self-care
  • Take actions
  • Do your best
  • Pivot if things don’t work out.

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