Studio Talk with The Glow Pot

What is your background and why did you start The Glow Pot?

My parents are Nigerian but I grew up in South East London, I worked in recruitment for 2 years (which I hated but learnt so much from). I started The Glow Pot because I suffered from really bad eczema for a lot of my life which really took a negative toll on my confidence and self esteem. When the medicines and prescriptions I was getting from the GP and pharmacy didn’t work, I started looking into natural remedies to treat my skin. When I saw the results and changes to my skin, I knew that I wanted to create a brand that provides products to help treat all manner of skin issues and help others feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Where do you live and how has this inspired your work?

I live in London - I’ve never actually thought about how living in London has inspired my work but I the fast paced lifestyle and expensive cost of living in London has helped me figure out how to brand and market my products. A lot of people don’t have time to focus on creating their own natural skin products - as I was doing when I first started treating my skin - and a lot of products on the market that do what my products do, are a lot more expensive. So creating a brand that helps tackle a range of issues, is affordable and provides good customer service was very important to me.

What do you love about what you do?

First of all I love that I am finally doing something I am truly passionate about. I literally love skin care so much, I spend hours and hours researching skincare products, watching vlogs, reading blogs, testing products and reading scientific research behind certain product claims. But what really makes it all worth it is the feedback I get from my customers. Everyday I get people emailing, DMing and messaging me on various platforms telling me how much they love their products and showing me the before and after pictures of their skin and how well the products work. This warms my heart and keeps me going even on the most challenging of days.

What is your process to creating?

My process is usually very customer oriented. I like to ask people what they want, what they feel they need for their skin that they haven’t found yet, what products they use at the moment and what they like and dislike about these products. I also think about the kind of products I like and what makes me like them and how I could incorporate these positive features into my brand. My friends and family are also an important part of my creative process as they are my guinea pigs and are constantly giving me constructive criticism and feedback.

Who are you inspired by and why?

My biggest inspiration is Rihanna because, she’s Rihanna lol. My mum also inspires me because she’s taught me the value of working hard and constantly reminds me how capable I am. My friends and family inspire me because even though we are all at different stages of life, living in various countries and doing different things, they all find time to pursue their passions and do what they love. Other young, female entrepreneurs inspire me too, there is kind of a network of us on twitter who regularly push, motivate and promote each other. It’s so lovely to see and be a part of. I also love Oprah because she is like the ultimate wonder woman.

Describe any challenges to running your own business and how did you overcome it.

Money is a big challenge, it costs a lot to start and maintain a business. My biggest challenge to date has been selling out of all my products. This might sound like a great thing and it definitely is, but it has taken a lot of time, money, planning and resources to really get back into motion, restock and launch our new website. The business grew really really quickly within the first few months so the demand really outweighed the supply and this was difficult for me to manage, luckily, my best friend invested in the company so in terms of capital it allowed me to produce more stock than I ever had before and make a lot of changes to accommodate the rapid growth. Ensuring that my customer engagement, branding and marketing were on point during the period where I’ve been out of stock was super important too, this made sure that I not only kept the interest of my current followers and customers, but was also able to gain interest from new people who wanted to try my products.

Describe the importance to you of confidence/ self belief in regards to what you do?

I am a very confident person, so confidence is very very important to me. It’s also what I like to encourage in others and I think it’s one of my most important personal values. Self belief is equally important because if you do not believe in your brand and your products, then how do you expect anyone else to?

What motivates you to do what you do?

Knowing that people’s confidence is growing and in some way their lives are being changed (even slightly) by the results my products provide for them. I’m also motivated by success, this business is like my baby so seeing it grow and start to become successful is the biggest motivation. Not only that, but the support I get from the people around me and even strangers is so overwhelming that even when I’m struggling or having a bad day, I’m able to keep going and remember that it will all be worth it.

What are your personal Mantras?

  • Everything happens for a reason
  • It will all be worth it in the end
  • If I can do it now then I will do it now, if there’s nothing I can do about it then I don’t need to worry about it

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