Akello Studio the Clothing Brand for the Future Consumer!

Akello Studio the Clothing Brand for the Future Consumer!

We are a London based but global minded clothing brand, we design fun and feminine clothing celebrating culture, diversity and individuality. We draw inspiration from the spirited pursuit of life, channelling this through prints, patterns and bold colours. Our collections are designed and made in limited edition quantities, in a beautiful and responsible way.

We live in a world where consumer demands are met almost instantaneously without a second thought about who bares the cost of this.  We want to explore the meaning, of ethical fashion for our own brand awareness as we are striving to be sustainable and eco friendly as we can and why as a small business it is important to encourage conscious consumers.

We want to slow this down and champion better consumer habits, putting the value back in the garments taking the customer on a journey through the process creating a real story behind every product.



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