Behind The Seams: Toile Making

Behind The Seams: Toile Making

What are Toiles? Toiles are the test version of the garment before you make it in the real fabric. It gives you the chance to test the pattern, fit and proportions. Toiles are usually made out of cheap calico, but we try to use a cheaper fabric that is similar to real fabric to see the look and fit.

Tips We Use For The Best Results.

You should always take your time when laying the patterns on the fabric, you want to make the most out of the space to limit waste of fabric and to be the most cost effective.

We iron out the patterns to ensure that you trace and cut to procision of the pattern piece, hence ensure the best possible fit.

We then trace the outline with a tailors chalk or hold the fabric down with a weight and cut, we wouldn't recommend pinning down the pattern to the fabric as this tends to mess up the fabric.

Once sewn together we try it on, or pin it up to a mannequin to check the fit and measure out the proportions. Once we have fine tuned and tweaked the pattern to our desired fit, it i done and we move onto creating the final garment.

I can’t wait to show you the final garment

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