We went to the PR Mastered talk with Push PR and London Fashion Agency, held at Push PR's lovely offices, we were treated to industry leaders give us small brands with limited resources ace PR advice!

The panel consisted of Emma Hart from Push PR, Rosie Davies from The London Fashion Agency and were joined this time by Clemmie Telford blogger of Mother of All Lists, Katherine Sandford – Anderson from Sandford PR and Frances Card and here are some of the Major Keys we took away.

  • Who do I want to talk too?
  • Who is my consumer?
  • Test business model and create focus groups.
  • Talk to consumers and take feedback.

  • Never underestimate who the person is you’re sitting next to.
  • Never stop having conversations.
  • PR is personal relationships, it’s trust, it’s honesty.

  • Honesty and transparency is key for audience engagement.
  • Don’t pretend you’re bigger than you are.
  • Share your journey.

  • Your assets are key, please invest in assets!
  • You have to have product and lifestyle photography.
  • Create great content for for all social channels not just Instagram!

Some great things to implement in the near future!

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