We see a future of producing our collections using the skills artisans in local communities in African countries. 

Whilst researching this we came across other small brands making this possible and doing just that a few steps ahead. Making positive effects to peoples lives and using the fashion industry to do this and 


Yevu is a australian based label specialises in African print, that operates as a social enterprise. Yevu’s primary objective addresses urban poverty in Ghana through economically empowering micro producers and artisanal manufacturers to make their clothing. Yevu manufactures socially responsible clothing in Accra by directly employing men and women in fair and sustainable full time employment. 

The individuals employed include small business owners, seamstresses, tailors, support staff and textile manufacturers, and they work in a small scale factory in Ofankor, Greater Accra which YEVU has set up from the ground up, fully resourced with production facilities, living and accommodation facilities and fully tailored to the needs of the team.

YEVU creates  jobs, generating sustainable income above Ghana’s living wage. These economic and creative opportunities empower, and improve the lives of individuals, families and immediate communities, YEVU works to connect micro producers and artisanal manufacturers with a global market, creating the opportunity for them to operate as part of an international value chain.

Ghana’s textile industry once employed around 30,000 people and accounted for approximately 10% of the country's total GDP. Lack of investment and development, and competition from imported pirated textiles and second hand clothing has seen a drastic decline of the textile industry. YEVU supports local industry through purchasing 70% Ghanaian made textiles from 100% female operated wholesale vendors at local market places, and advocating for local manufacturing and patronage across all its operational and promotional activities.

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