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5 of Wands, The Lovers, King of Wands, The Tower, Strength

In the most most recent past you have been grappling with different choices and conflicting ideas and beliefs, this started from within but is playing out in your close relationships, this is for you to wake up to the new belief system that was planted and is now sprouting in your mind. The issue you are seeing is that you mistakenly thought those in your life would automatically be aligned with your new beliefs but they are here to hold a reflection to show you how you have grown.

You now realise that you want to choose harmony and want to agree to disagree and have come to accept that everyone has their own path and you will align with those who share yours. It looks like a strong paternal authority figure in your life wants you to yield and get back in line as it were and is putting pressure on you, making you feel that you will be outside of the ‘tribe’ but you suddenly no longer care and rather than break you this has strengthened you in your fortitude of who you are.

8 of Swords, Knight of Wands, The High Priestess, The High Priest, 7 of Wands

You have escaped from the mental prison and have burst back out in the scene with force and vitality, be careful to not lose momentum, some days won’t always feel good but this does not mean that you are going back to old ways of thinking and being, the high priestess and priest is saying seek inner and external guidance for your life, the battle will continue until your reach higher ground but you got this.

I see this pertaining to stress, depression or anxiety where life was clouded by these afflictions but they were also not here to punish you, the experience was your soul calling you home so you could pick out the thorns and wires that had been entwined in your being and aura that manifested in these negative thought loops, you have broken free once and for all, so fear not the future is bright for you.

The Fool, The Magician, 2 of Pentacles, Page of Pentacles, Page of Wands

You have gone through a cycle of rebirth and are now crawling excited about your new world and see everything with curiosity and excitement this is the best place to manifest your reality from, whereas in the past you may have been imbalanced in one area, right now you have all the keys in your hand and the world is yours to create.

You want to be a creative, artist and want to work where you are connected and passionate about and keep that balance alive those 2 boxes have to be ticked choose a career that matches that and you will always win. Stay curious in your pursuits and remember to be an eternal student of life, this is how you will continue to evolve where you are now is wonderful and where you will be in a years time will be even better and by 5 years you won’t even recognise yourself, so keep at what makes your soul sing and follow that music.

5 of Pentacles, 6 of Wands, The Hermit, 3 of Pentacles, 2 of Cups

You have healed from heartbreak and loss and taking that time out has done you well you feel ready to take your seat in the saddle of life the hermit card is saying yes the soul searching did you well and now its time to emerge from your cave, not back into another relationship, but more friendship group with people who share the same interest. I am also seeing that it's actually time for you to focus on yourself and your creative interest and put your attention and energy into that.

Make your focus on your creative projects that you want to build on and create that emotional connection to it for it to come alive that past relationship was draining your energy and stealing your creative force so you could not focus on what it is you actually enjoy doing.

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