About Me


Hey, Wondering Starseeds,
I am Esther Oluka, a fellow wondering Starseed!
I am a psychic medium and focus on channeling God, however he/she shows up!
A spirit guide, past deity, loved one, all is apart of the whole, contains the whole and expresses the whole.
I mainly work with the modalities of Reiki and Tarot to be a conduit of healing energy from source and to hold space for you as you heal and grow and offer spiritual guidance.
By doing so you will find that you develop your intuition, reveal your power and awaken to your purpose here and you will find yourself making better choices in life and centre your happiness in it all.

I am on a constant evolution and so are you, we are here to elighten each other, Akello Studio is a community space to reclaim the occult and demystify spirituality.