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Akello Studio


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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing modality to shift and energise your energy field, it works in a gentle subtle way to align you, the energy comes from source with myself being the conduit to bring the energy forth through me to your body and goes where it is needed to heal.

Your session 

Will take place in person in a comfortable setting, sitting or lying down, please ensure you are wearing loose clothing. You can also request hands on or off, the most important thing is to be in a relaxed state to allow the energy to flow.

How to book your session

After purchase I will email to schedule the time, and location I am mobile and cover most areas of London.

I will also require some information to be filled out before the session.


Disclaimer: Reiki healing is voluntary and should never be used in place of medical, psychological, legal or financial profession services. The client must utilize their personal wisdom as it pertains to any suggestions or guidance received through the session. Venusian Soul Tarot accepts no liability for any action a client may choose after a session. Must be over the age of 18 to book a session.

Making a payment confirms that you have read, fully understand and agree to the terms and conditions above.